Golang : Process json data with Jason package

While writing out the tutorial on how to read json data and save to csv, I was thinking ... somehow there must be a third party package out there that will make life easier.

Today, I found the package at https://github.com/antonholmquist/jason. The code below demonstrate how to use Jason package to create an object named Person easily for further manipulation.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
 // read data from file

 jsonDataFromFile, err := os.Open("./data.json")

 if err != nil {

 defer jsonDataFromFile.Close()

 reader := bufio.NewReader(jsonDataFromFile)
 scanner := bufio.NewScanner(reader)

 for scanner.Scan() {
 person, _ := jason.NewObjectFromBytes([]byte(scanner.Text()))

 name, _ := person.GetString("Name") //case sensitive
 age, _ := person.GetNumber("Age")
 job, _ := person.GetString("Job")

 fmt.Printf(" %s, %v job is %s\n", name, age, job)


Output :

Adam, 36 job is CEO

Eve, 34 job is CFO

Mike, 38 job is COO

Input from data.json file


Please see other functions to manipulate json data at https://github.com/antonholmquist/jason

References :



By Adam Ng

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