Golang : Null and nil value

Programmers coming from different programming languages to Golang might wonder how does one deal with NULL values. I put down these reminders below about NULL value for myself and maybe this can be useful to you as well.

Here you go :

  1. Golang does not support NULL.

  2. Nil is the equivalent of NULL in Golang.

  3. All variables by default are initiated with the nil(zero) value.

  4. Example usage of nil :

      correctHash := sha1.New()
      fmt.Printf("%x \n", correctHash.Sum(nil))
  5. Function returning nil will NOT compile,

      // not OK
      func getName() string {
     return nil 

    but returning nil to a pointer or reference (such as a struct) is ok and will compile.

      type Person struct {
     name string
      // OK
      func getName() *Person {
     return nil 

By Adam Ng

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