Golang : Iterate map

Got a question by a friend asking how to how to iterate through a map in Golang today. Thought that I have covered this initially with the tutorial on how to iterate over the values inside array., but then it is not similar.

In this short tutorial, we will learn how to iterate the elements inside a map. In this code example below, we will learn how to combine maps with the help of interface{}(optional) and then iterate through the maps.

 package main

 import "fmt"

 func main() {
  type Map1 map[string]interface{}

  type Map2 map[string]string

  // because Map1 is type interface, it can handle 3 maps of Map2

  m := Map1{"1": Map2{"position": "first"}, "2": Map2{"position": "second"}, "3": Map2{"position": "third"}, "4": Map2{"position": "fourth"}}

  // print out all the elements in one line
  fmt.Println("m:", m)

  // iterate the map and print out the element one by one
  for key, value := range m {
 fmt.Println("key:", key, "value:", value)

  // NOTE : maps in golang has no guaranteed order

Hope this tutorial can be helpful in solving or assisting your Golang learning process.

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By Adam Ng

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