Golang : GORM create record or insert new record into database example

Continuing from previous tutorial on how to read record from database with GORM. This time we learn how to create or insert new record into a database.

In this example, we will insert one record with GORM and also learn how to mitigate SQL table field name with underscore.

Here you go !

 package main

 import (
 _ "github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql"

 // Activities table SQL :
 // id bigint(20)  AUTO_INCREMENT
 // username varchar(50)
 // created_on  timestamp
 // action char(1)
 // description varchar(300)
 // visibility  char(1)

 // NOTE : In the struct, CreatedOn will be translated into created_on in sql level
 type Activities struct {
 Id int `sql:"AUTO_INCREMENT"`
 Username string `sql:"varchar(50);unique"`
 CreatedOn time.Time `sql:"timestamp"`
 Action string `sql:"type:char(1)"`
 Description string `sql:"type:varchar(300)"`
 Visibility  string `sql:"type:char(1)"`

 func main() {

 dbConn, err := gorm.Open("mysql", "Username:Password@tcp(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306)/databasename?charset=utf8&parseTime=true")

 if err != nil {


 // omit/skip field with auto increment and those with blank/nil/empty data
 activity := Activities{
 Username: "testuser",
 CreatedOn:  time.Now().Local(),
 Description: "Testing",
 Visibility:  "S",


 // Get the last record



NOTE : Without the &parseTime=true parameter in the dbConn configuration. The GORM driver will have problem reading(scanning) and translating the SQL timestamp.

References :


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