Golang : Gomobile init produce "iphoneos" cannot be located error

Problem :

Golang mobile packages provide support for mobile devices and build tools that allows Golang developers to develop application for Android and iOS platform. While setting up and executing gomobile init you get these error messages :

./gomobile init

./gomobile: xcrun --show-sdk-path: exit status 1

xcrun: error: SDK "iphoneos" cannot be located

xcrun: error: SDK "iphoneos" cannot be located

xcrun: error: unable to lookup item 'Path' in SDK 'iphoneos'

Solution :

You are attempting to run gomobile on OS X and you will need to have Xcode Command Line Tools installed first. After installing Xcode, make sure you run Xcode and accept the terms and conditions before executing gomobile init command. Otherwise, you will get this error message :

./gomobile: xcrun --find: exit status 69

Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.

By Adam Ng

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