Golang : Get sub string example

Getting sub string is a common task in extracting details from a larger set of information. Here is a quick and simple example on how to get sub strings easily in Golang.

NOTE : Golang does not provide a sub string method. However, Go will treat a string as a slice and we can get sub strings based on a given indexes - such as first and last index. If the given indexes are invalid. Go will throw panics. To prevent panics, you can check the length of a string with the builtin len() function before proceeding to extract the sub string with first and last index.

Here you go!

 package main

 import "fmt"

 func main() {
  str := "sam,jenny,paul"

  // Get substring from index 4(position starts from 0) to length of str.
  substring := str[4:len(str)] 

  // same as above
  substring = str[4:] 

  // get sam only
  samstring := str[0:3] 


Output :




Play at : http://play.golang.org/p/x9UMI3eTfS

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