Golang : Experimental Jawi programming language

Alright, today is Sunday and I got some free time to spare. So, I used my free time to build this simple project of using Jawi as programming language. This project is inspired by the 文言 wenyan-lang(a programming language using ancient Chinese a.k.a Hokkien).


Since building the lexer, parser, AST, compiler and code generator will take a very long time for me, therefore I cheat a little bit. The Jawi codes will be translated into Golang equivalent codes to be compiled by Golang compiler.

NOTES : This example below will generate enough Golang codes to produce a simple Hello World example. There are more works to be done if I need to cover all the reserved words of Golang and that will need another free Sunday for me....

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

  jawiGolang := map[string]string{}

  dictionary := `var,ڤايمباولايهوباه

  lines := strings.Split(dictionary, "\n")

  // build the dictionary
  for _, line := range lines {

 if len(line) > 0 {
 split := strings.Split(line, ",")
 golang := split[0]
 jawi := split[1]

 jawiGolang[jawi] = golang


  jawiCode := `ڤاکيج اوتام

 امڤاوت ( 
 ڤايمباولايهوباه txt = "世界汝好 ! Hello World !" 
 مالر jawitxt = "هاي دنيا !" 
  فوڠسي اوتام() { 
 fmt.چايتاقڬاراس (txt) 
 fmt.چايتاقڬاراس (jawitxt) 

  codeReader := strings.NewReader(jawiCode)

  var scn scanner.Scanner
  scn.Whitespace ^= 1<<'\t' | 1<<'\n' | 1<<'\r' | 1<<' ' // don't skip tabs and new lines

  for tok := scn.Scan(); tok != scanner.EOF; tok = scn.Scan() {

 switch tok {
 case '\n':
 case '\t':
 fmt.Print(" ")
 if jawiGolang[scn.TokenText()] != "" {
 } else {


A friend suggested that I complete the entire project with LLVM. I will try to explore LLVM further and see how it goes. Trouble with Jawi is that it is right to left oriented writing system, maybe just a small problem to overcome. Will see how it goes.



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By Adam Ng

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