Golang : Execute function at intervals or after some delay

Problem :

You want to execute functions at intervals - such as polling a remote terminal every 30 seconds or count the number of processes running in the memory after 10 seconds.

Solution :

Use the time.Tick() function. For example :

 package main

 import (

 func pollRemoteTerm(n time.Duration) {
  timestamp := time.Now().Local()

  for _ = range time.Tick(n * time.Second) {

 str := "Polling remote terminal data at <some remote terminal name> at "+ timestamp.String()

 func main() {

  go pollRemoteTerm(10) // very useful for interval polling

  select {} // this will cause the program to run forever

  See also : Golang : Call a function after some delay(time.Sleep and Tick)

By Adam Ng

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