Golang : Detect (OS) Operating System

Ability to detect which type of operating system during run time can be helpful in programming a software behavior or prompt different output message to the user.

Go has build in function to detect the operating system and able to tell you the type of operating system is Windows or Unix/Linux during run time.

To detect the operating system, use the runtime.GOOS

For example :

Detect Windows

 if runtime.GOOS == 'windows' {
 fmt.Println('Windows OS detected')

Detect Linux

 if runtime.GOOS == 'linux' { // also can be specified to FreeBSD
 fmt.Println('Unix/Linux type OS detected')

Detect Mac OS/X

 if runtime.GOOS == 'darwin' {
 fmt.Println('Mac OS detected')



API to get the user's OS and OS version

By Adam Ng

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