Golang : Delete item from slice based on index/key position

Problem :

You want to delete an element from a slice or array and you know the index(position number) of the element. What is the quick way to delete the element?

Solution :

You can use the append() function to sort of "skip" the element that you want to remove before copying the rest of the elements to a new slice or array.

For example :

 package main

 import "fmt"

 func main() {
  strSlice := []string{"abc", "xyz", "def", "ghi", "jkl"}

  fmt.Println("Before delete")

  for k, v := range strSlice {
 fmt.Printf("key : %v, value : %v \n", k, v)

  // we want to remove xyz and the index/key number associated
  // with it is 1

  i := 1

  newSlice := append(strSlice[:i], strSlice[i+1:]...)

  fmt.Println("After delete")

  for k, v := range newSlice {
 fmt.Printf("key : %v, value : %v \n", k, v)


Output :

Before delete

key : 0, value : abc

key : 1, value : xyz

key : 2, value : def

key : 3, value : ghi

key : 4, value : jkl

After delete

key : 0, value : abc

key : 1, value : def

key : 2, value : ghi

key : 3, value : jkl

p/s : This solution is good as long the element is not a pointer. Otherwise, you gonna have memory leak issue.

Reference :


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