Golang : Count number of digits from given integer value

Just a simple program to count number of digits from a given integer value. Need this to calculate if an integer value generated by another function has 1 digit, 2 digits or more. If 1 digit, then the signal is weak, if 2 digits, then the signal is normal and if 3 digits or more .. it means the signal is strong.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func CountDigits(i int) (count int) {
  for i != 0 {

 i /= 10
 count = count + 1
  return count

 func main() {

  var i int
  fmt.Println("Enter an integer value : ")

  _, err := fmt.Scanf("%d", &i)

  if err != nil {

  fmt.Println("You have entered a : ", CountDigits(i), "digit(s) integer value")


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By Adam Ng

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