Golang : Combine slices of complex numbers and operation example

Extension from a previous tutorial on how to perform calculations with complex numbers. For this tutorial, we will learn how to perform simple operation such as changing the real and imaginary parts of a complex number. In particular on how to use the alphabet i to modify the imaginary value.

We will also learn how to combine two slices in a proper way with the builtin append function.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 var a = complex(2, 3)
 var b = complex(4, 5)
 var c = complex(6, 7)

 func main() {
 complexSliceA := []complex128{a, b, c}
 complexSliceB := []complex128{b, c, a}

 fmt.Println("A : ", complexSliceA)

 fmt.Println("B : ", complexSliceB)

 // add 2 for the real, but not the imaginary part
 fmt.Println("Before : ", complexSliceA[0])
 fmt.Println("After : ", complexSliceA[0]+2)

 // to change imaginary part, include the letter i
 // for example, to add 2 ... use 2i
 fmt.Println("Before : ", complexSliceA[0])
 fmt.Println("After : ", complexSliceA[0]+2i)

 // iterate over a complex slice example
 for item, data := range complexSliceA {
 fmt.Printf("Item %d , complex number %v \n", item, data)

 // preserve complexSliceA
 temp := complexSliceA

 // to combine two slices, use for loop and builtin append function
 for index, _ := range complexSliceB {
 complexSliceA = append(complexSliceA, complexSliceB[index])

 // restore back
 complexSliceC := complexSliceA
 complexSliceA = temp

 fmt.Println("C = A + B ", complexSliceC)



A : [(2+3i) (4+5i) (6+7i)]

B : [(4+5i) (6+7i) (2+3i)]

Before : (2+3i)

After : (4+3i)

Before : (2+3i)

After : (2+5i)

Item 0 , complex number (2+3i)

Item 1 , complex number (4+5i)

Item 2 , complex number (6+7i)

C = A + B [(2+3i) (4+5i) (6+7i) (4+5i) (6+7i) (2+3i)]




By Adam Ng

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