Golang : Calculations using complex numbers example

Alright, you need to calculate the last known position of UFOs and their flying trajectory in Golang or you just want to perform some calculations using complex numbers.

Declaring complex numbers and performing calculations on the numbers is simple in Golang. Pretty much similar to how Python declare complex numbers.

In Python:

 >>> a = complex(100,8)
 >>> a
 >>> a.real
 >>> a.imag

In Golang and some examples on how to perform calculations with math/cmplx package:

 package main

 import (

 const a = complex(100, 8)

 const b = complex(8, 100)

 func main() {
 fmt.Println("Complex number a : ", a)

 fmt.Println("Complex number b : ", b)

 fmt.Println("Get the real part of complex number a : ", real(a))

 fmt.Println("Get the imaginary part of complex number b : ", imag(a))

 conjugate := cmplx.Conj(a)

 fmt.Println("Complex number a's conjugate : ", conjugate)

 c := a + b

 fmt.Println("a + b complex number : ", c)

 fmt.Println("Cosine of complex number b : ", cmplx.Cos(b))

 // see https://golang.org/pkg/math/cmplx/
 // for more functions such as sine, log, exponential


Happy coding!






By Adam Ng

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