Golang : Array mapping with Interface

New comers to Golang often have slight difficulty understanding how interface works in Golang. This is a simple tutorial to demonstrate how to map arrays with interface.

 package main

 import (

 var strArray = []string{"abc", "def", "ghi"}
 var strMap = map[string]interface{}{}

 var intArray = []int{1, 2, 3}
 var intMap = map[int]string{}

 func main() {

  for i := 0; i != 3; i++ {

 fmt.Println(intArray[i], "\t", strArray[i])

 intMap[i] = strArray[i]
 strMap[strArray[i]] = intMap

  fmt.Println("String map : ", strMap)
  fmt.Println("Integer map : ", intMap)

Output :

1 abc

2 def

3 ghi

String map : map[ghi:map[0:abc 1:def 2:ghi] abc:map[0:abc 1:def 2:ghi] def:map[0:abc 1:def 2:ghi]]

Integer map : map[0:abc 1:def 2:ghi]

By Adam Ng

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