CodeIgniter : Import Linkedin data

A while back I had a CodeIgniter project that involved importing Linkedin data. In this tutorial, we will try to :

  1. Authenticate into LinkedIn with OAuth
  2. Extract data from Linkedin profile

This tutorial will only show you the imported data as you want to use the data is completely up to you. ;-)

To begin, download the OAuth.php and linkedin.php files from

After unzip, copy the OAuth.php and linkedin_3.2.0.class.php into application/libraries folder.

Rename linkedin_3.2.0.class.php to linkedin.php

Follow the instruction at to get your appKey and appSecret

Create this CodeIgniter controller: - linkedin_singup.php


 if (!defined('BASEPATH'))
  exit('No direct script access allowed');

 class Linkedin_signup extends CI_Controller {

  function __construct() {

  function index() {
 echo '<form id="linkedin_connect_form" action="linkedin_signup/initiate" method="post">';
 echo '<input type="submit" value="Login with LinkedIn" />';
 echo '</form>';

  function initiate() {

 // setup before redirecting to Linkedin for authentication.
 $linkedin_config = array(
 'appKey' => '<your app key here >',
 'appSecret' => '<your app secret here >',
 'callbackUrl' => '<your URL here>/linkedin_signup/data/');

 $this->load->library('linkedin', $linkedin_config);
 $token = $this->linkedin->retrieveTokenRequest();

 $this->session->set_flashdata('oauth_request_token_secret', $token['linkedin']['oauth_token_secret']);
 $this->session->set_flashdata('oauth_request_token', $token['linkedin']['oauth_token']);

  $link = "" . $token['linkedin']['oauth_token'];

  function cancel() {

  // See
 // You need to set the 'OAuth Cancel Redirect URL' parameter to <your URL>/linkedin_signup/cancel

  echo 'Linkedin user cancelled login';

  function logout() {
  $_SESSION = array();
  echo "Logout successful";

  function data() {

 $linkedin_config = array(
 'appKey' => '<your app key here >',
 'appSecret' => '<your app secret here >',
 'callbackUrl' => '<your URL here>/linkedin_signup/data/'

 $this->load->library('linkedin', $linkedin_config);

 $oauth_token = $this->session->flashdata('oauth_request_token');
 $oauth_token_secret = $this->session->flashdata('oauth_request_token_secret');

 $oauth_verifier = $this->input->get('oauth_verifier');
 $response = $this->linkedin->retrieveTokenAccess($oauth_token, $oauth_token_secret, $oauth_verifier);

 // ok if we are good then proceed to retrieve the data from Linkedin
  if ($response['success'] === TRUE) {

 // From this part onward it is up to you on how you want to store/manipulate the data 
 $oauth_expires_in = $response['linkedin']['oauth_expires_in'];
 $oauth_authorization_expires_in = $response['linkedin']['oauth_authorization_expires_in'];

 $response = $this->linkedin->setTokenAccess($response['linkedin']);
 $profile = $this->linkedin->profile('~:(id,first-name,last-name,picture-url)');
 $profile_connections = $this->linkedin->profile('~/connections:(id,first-name,last-name,picture-url,industry)');
 $user = json_decode($profile['linkedin']);
 $user_array = array('linkedin_id' => $user->id, 'second_name' => $user->lastName, 'profile_picture' => $user->pictureUrl, 'first_name' => $user->firstName);

  // For example, print out user data
 echo 'User data:';
 print '<pre>';
 print '</pre>';

 echo '<br><br>';

 // Example of company data
 $company = $this->linkedin->company('1337:(id,name,ticker,description,logo-url,locations:(address,is-headquarters))');
 echo 'Company data:';
 print '<pre>';
 print '</pre>';

  echo '<br><br>';

 echo 'Logout';
 echo '<form id="linkedin_connect_form" action="../logout" method="post">';
 echo '<input type="submit" value="Logout from LinkedIn" />';
 echo '</form>';
 } else {
  // bad token request, display diagnostic information
 echo "Request token retrieval failed:<br /><br />RESPONSE:<br /><br />" . print_r($response, TRUE);

If you want to get additional information like email address from Linkedin

Modify line 140 in linkedin.php file

Add new scope to the requestToken

const URLREQUEST = '';


const URLREQUEST = '';

then add email-address:

 $profile = $this->linkedin->profile(’~:(id,first-name,last-name,picture-url,headline,location,<strong>email-address</strong>)’);

 $user = json_decode($profile[‘linkedin’]);

 $user_array = array(‘linkedin_id’ => $user->id, 
  ‘second_name’ => $user->lastName,
  ‘profile_picture’ => $user->pictureUrl, 
  ‘first_name’ => $user->firstName,
  ‘headline’ => $user->headline,
  ‘location’ => $user->location,
  ‘email-address’ => $user->emailAddress);  //change email-address to emailAddress

The list of available scopes are documented in under "Below is a list of all member permissions"

Click here to download the source code

Notes :

This solution was first posted to the CodeIgniter community forum on 19th October 2012

References :

By Adam Ng

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