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Golang : How to profile or log time spend on execution?

golang profiling log execution-time

Being able to calculate how long it takes to execute a routine or function is crucial in optimizing a program(this….... read more

Golang : Execute function at intervals or after some delay

golang interval time delay tick

Problem :

You want to execute functions at intervals - such as polling a remote terminal every 30 seconds or….... read more

Golang : Get time.Duration in year, month, week or day

golang date-time-stampelapsed time-duration convert


When using time.Until() or time.Since() functions, the time.Duration type have methods such as Hour(), Minutes(), Nanoseconds() and Seconds() to….... read more

Golang : Convert file unix timestamp to UTC time example

golang json-time nano-seconds milli-seconds time-unix

This tutorial is my own notes from helping out a friend from my working days in Indonesia. Putting it here….... read more

Golang : Get local time and equivalent time in different time zone

golang time-zone load-location time-in-location

Problem :

You want to show your website visitor the local time(on your server) and the equivalent time in another….... read more

Golang : Overwrite previous output with count down timer

golang overwrite time-ticker

Just a note for myself on how to create a count down timer and how to overwrite previous output. Very….... read more

Golang : Add text to image and get OpenCV's X, Y co-ordinates example

golang GUI openCV putText color time

Building on from the previous OpenCV-GTK-GUI application tutorial. For this tutorial, I need to know where to position….... read more

Golang : Convert seconds to human readable time format example

golang convert-seconds-to-human time plural

Occasionally in the scientific world, we will encounter instruments that gave reading in seconds denomination and in this tutorial, we….... read more