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Golang : Compound interest over time example

golang compound-interest formula read-float read-integer

It is time for me to do something "lighter" now.... such as investing rather than heavy duty programming ..... so….... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) String to Float

swift string convert float

Problem :

You have a string value and you need to convert the string into type float.

Solution :

Use….... read more

Golang : convert(cast) float to string

golang float string

This is an add-on to this previous tutorial on converting/casting int to string. To convert or cast a….... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) Float to String

swift string convert float

Problem :

You have a float value and you need to convert the float into string type in Swift.

Solution….... read more

Golang : Test floating point numbers not-a-number and infinite example

golang float NaN infinite

A simple example to demonstrate how to create not-a-number and infinite floating-point values in Golang. Will show some example tests….... read more

Golang : convert(cast) string to float value

golang string cast float

To convert or cast a string to float value, just use the strconv.ParseFloat() function. Below is the code example to….... read more

Golang : Read a text file and replace certain words

golang read replace

Problem :

You have a text file with some words that you need to replace with another word.

Solution :

.... read more

Golang : Generate random integer or float number

golang random number integer float

Was helping out a friend last Sunday to finish up his Golang project and encounter a problem where we need….... read more