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Fix "Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked."

php fpm service-is-masked


Encounter this error message :

Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked.

after upgrading Ubuntu with do-release-upgrade.... read more

Linux/Unix/PHP : Restart PHP-FPM

linux php-fpm php5-fpm unix defunct pkill

Problem :

One of my server ran out of memory because of defunct php-fpm process. Need to restart php-fpm (FastCGI….... read more

PHP : Hide PHP version information from curl


By default, PHP will expose its version information when query by curl -I and you may want to hide the….... read more

Ubuntu : connect() to unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock failed (13: Permission denied) while connecting to upstream

ubuntu linux permission-denied php5-fpm upstream

Encountered a permission denied problem while setting up a server with Ubuntu + PageSpeed + Nginx + PHP5-FPM. From the….... read more

PHP : Count number of JSON items/objects

php json

Recently I need to paginate the search result returned by ElasticSearch. To paginate the result with standard CodeIgniter paginate helper....….... read more

Get Facebook friends working in same company

facebook php

Problem :

Need to find common friends working in the same companies with Facebook.

Solution :

Use FQL to extract….... read more

How to test Facebook App on localhost ?

php facebook-connect

Usually, in the past when I setup Facebook application for my websites. The new Facebook App Connect API has no….... read more

CodeIgniter : How to check if a session exist in PHP?

php codeigniter session

Problem :

How to check if a CodeIgniter or PHP session exist or not?

Solution :

From the official PHP….... read more