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Too many passwords to remember. Time to get password managers!

password-managers two-factor-auth

Writing down these couple of password managers for my own future reference and for anyone looking to manage their many….... read more

Golang : Securing password with salt

golang password salt sha1

Every now and then we will hear some companies or banks database got compromised and the hackers will publish the….... read more

Nginx : Password protect a directory/folder

password nginx htpasswd

Problem :

You want to protect a directory that only certain individuals with the right password can access via a….... read more

Golang : Get password from console input without echo or masked

golang password masking

Found this package https://github.com/howeyc/gopass that allows Golang developers to build text based application that takes in password without….... read more

Golang : Bcrypting password

golang password salt bcrypt

From my past tutorial on salting password, a reader pointed out that there is a better way to….... read more

Generate salted password with OpenSSL example

openssl password md5 salt

Problem :

You need to generate a salted MD5 password string for new users registration. For example, you are IT….... read more

Golang : Check if password length meet the requirement

golang password length

Problem :

You need to check the password's length entered by users. How to do that in Golang?

Solution :

.... read more

Restart Apache or Nginx web server without password prompt

password apache nginx

After installing SSL certificates on my Nginx server, I've started to experience some minor "annoyance" of being prompted for Enter PEM pass phrase: each time….... read more