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Unix/Linux : How to fix CentOS yum duplicate glibc or device-mapper-libs dependency error?

unix-linux cent-os yum-update duplicate-packages glibc device-mapper-libs

Encountered a weird problem or yum update error yesterday while performing this command :

>sudo yum update on one of….... read more

Golang : Spell checking with ispell example

golang spell-checking ispell trim os-cmd-input

Chinese New Year for 2017 celebration just over and now it is time to get back to work. Here is….... read more

Golang : Intercept and process UNIX signals example

golang unix-signal os-signal kill

Golang's os/signal package allows you to configure the behaviour of your Golang program upon receiving certain type of UNIX signals.….... read more

Golang : How to get a user home directory path?

golang home-directory os-user lookup-username

Problem :

You need to get a user's home directory path in a Unix/Linux machine for storing or processing customized….... read more

Golang : Check if directory exist and create if does not exist

golang directory-folder os-isnotexist create-directory-folder

Anyway, need to modify an existing Golang program for a friend. The original developer left her company and basically, she….... read more

Golang : ffmpeg with os/exec.Command() returns non-zero status

golang ffmpeg non-zero-status os-exec command run


You want to use ffmpeg with os/exec.Command() and Run() to create your video files.

However, it keeps bombing….... read more

Linux/MacOSX : Search and delete files by extension

linux mac-os-x delete-file by-extension

Continuing from previous tutorial on how to search for files by extension with find command. For this post,….... read more

Golang : Flush and close file created by os.Create and bufio.NewWriter example

golang bufio-newwriter os-create flush close-file

Whenever a new file is created by os.Create() function and data being written to the file with bufio.NewWriter(). It is….... read more