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Golang : Merge video(OpenCV) and audio(PortAudio) into a mp4 file

golang video-audio mp4 opencv-portaudio ffmpeg

The previous Golang tutorials cover on how to capture image frames from a web camera with OpenCV and….... read more

Golang : Play .WAV file from command line

golang portaudio go-wave audio command-line


You have recorded your voice on a .wav file with the previous tutorial on how to activate….... read more

Golang : Detect sample rate, channels or latency with PortAudio

golang portaudio sample-rate headphone latency microphone


You want to detect the sample rate, channels or latency of the input and output devices attached to your….... read more

Golang : Eroding and dilating image with OpenCV example

golang opencv erode dilate morphology

I'm learning OpenCV by going through some of the examples found on OpenCV website. For this post, below is an….... read more

Golang : Record voice(audio) from microphone to .WAV file

golang record-microphone portaudio go-wave audio video


You need to activate your microphone, record your voice and save the data into a .wav file from command….... read more

Golang : Hue, Saturation and Value(HSV) with OpenCV example

golang openCV hue saturation value hsv


BGR colorspace has pixels intensity information encoded into the blue, green and red channels. You want to convert an….... read more

Golang : Tell color name with OpenCV example

golang openCV tell-color-names detect-color

Alright, I managed to train my 4-year-old son to learn color names. At this moment, he is able to name….... read more

Golang : Another camera capture GUI application with GTK and OpenCV

golang GTK+3 openCV GUI IoT camera

For those that prefer to use GTK over Qt, this is another tutorial/example to show you how to .... read more