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Golang : Get missing location after unmarshal binary and gob decode time.

golang time location unmarshal-binary gob-decode

Problem :

You loaded some time based data, found out that the time is missing location data and somehow screw….... read more

Golang : Decode XML data from RSS feed

golang rss xml decode

Was looking for a way to decode RSS feed XML data today and here is the code for the tutorial….... read more

Golang : Saving private and public key to files

golang pem gob

In this tutorial we will learn how to save the RSA private and public keys to files. We will use RSA in this tutorial, but….... read more

Golang : Tutorial on loading GOB and PEM files

golang pem gob

Private and public key cryptography systems have enabled a vast array of security implementations such as encrypting email(PGP), ssh login and etc. In this tutorial,….... read more

Golang : Decode/unmarshal unknown JSON data type with map[string]interface

golang json map interface unmarshal decode

This tutorial is courtesy of Rohan Allison on how to decode or unmarshal JSON into map[string]interface. There are….... read more

Golang : Saving(serializing) and reading file with GOB

golang save-file gob serializing-objects

Golang has a package ( GOB ) that allows developers to store memory values( such as int[], float64[] or any….... read more

Golang : How to get ECDSA curve and parameters data?

golang ecdsa curve parameters gob pem

Problem :

A reader asked :

"ECDSA cents have a parameters block which has the parameters for the….... read more

Golang : Fix image: unknown format error

golang image-dimension width height unknown-format-error decode-config

Problem :

You want to find out the dimension of an image file with image.DecodeConfig() function - to….... read more