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Golang : On lambda, anonymous, inline functions and function literals

golang lambda anonymous inline-function function-literals

This is just a note for myself and maybe it can be useful to you too. In Golang, lambda, anonymous….... read more

Golang : Proper way to set function argument default value

golang function-argument default-values function-parameters

In PHP, it is easy to specify the default values of a function arguments. All you need to do is….... read more

Golang : Return multiple values from function

golang return-multiple-values function

One of the features that I like about Golang is the ability to return multiple values from a function (Python….... read more

Golang : Valued expressions and functions example

golang valued-expression-function fmt

Writing this simple example down here as a reminder for myself on how to use valued expressions in Golang. Nothing….... read more

JQuery : Calling a function inside Jquery(document) block

javascript jquery global-function window

Problem :

Saw this error message in the browser's console while attempting to call a function inside JQuery(document) section resulted….... read more

Golang : When to use public and private identifier(variable) and how to make the identifier public or private?

golang public exported-identifier private function-declaration

Got a Golang related question by my friend today, who is learning Golang for the first time. Her question is….... read more

Python : Find out the variable type and determine the type with simple test

python variable-type type-function

Couple of ways to determine or find out the type of a variable or object in Python. Listing down the….... read more

Golang : How to make function callback or pass value from function as parameter?

golang function callbackparameter-value

There are times we need to evaluate a function and pass the evaluated value as parameter to a function. In….... read more