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Golang : Not able to grep log.Println() output

golang grep log fmt println


You have a Golang program that uses log.Println() to capture text output generated by your program and you want….... read more

Golang : fmt.Println prints out empty data from struct

golang fmt-println struct json

Problem :

Your code compiled successfully and there is no error indicator whatsoever. However, during runtime, the fmt.Println function prints….... read more

Golang : What fmt.Println() can do and println() cannot do

golang println fmt sortbootstrapresult

A lot of rookies got confused on why their program is not working as intended when using println() function. New….... read more

Golang : How to control fmt or log print format?

golang fmt log printf-format

How to control fmt or log print format output? Use this reference as guide on how to control the fmt….... read more

Golang : Valued expressions and functions example

golang valued-expression-function fmt

Writing this simple example down here as a reminder for myself on how to use valued expressions in Golang. Nothing….... read more

Golang : Print leading(padding) zero or spaces in fmt.Printf?

golang leading-zero padding-space fmt-printf

Problem :

You want to include leading zero or spaces in front(prefix) of integer when printing out with fmt.Println() or….... read more

Golang : Fix fmt.Scanf() on Windows will scan input twice problem

golang fmt-scanf-bug windows scan-input-twice

If you ever need to write a program that use Golang's fmt.Scanf() function on Windows operating system and test the….... read more

Golang: Pad right or print ending(suffix) zero or spaces in fmt.Printf example

golang pad-right ending-zero fmt-printf suffix

From the previous tutorial on how to pad left or print leading zeros with fmt.Printf() function, a reader….... read more