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Get Facebook friends working in same company

facebook php

Problem : Need to find common friends working in the same companies with Facebook. Solution : Use FQL to extract friends' work history. FQL :….... read more

Facebook PHP getUser() returns 0

facebook php

Recently upgraded my DigitalOcean droplet's PHP to version 5.4.2 and couple of days later I started getting complaints from the users that Facebook sign up….... read more

Facebook : Getting the friends list with PHP return JSON format

facebook php

Problem : How to get friends list in Facebook with PHP in Json format? Solution : Use Facebook SDK https://graph.facebook.com/me/friends Below is a code fragment….... read more

Your page has meta tags in the body instead of the head

missing meta tag facebook

Once in a while we will come across vague error message that lead us to no where and provide no further explanations. I've a chance….... read more

How to test Facebook App on localhost ?

php facebook-connect

Usually, in the past when I setup Facebook application for my websites. The new Facebook App Connect API has no problem allowing me to run….... read more

How to let Facebook Login button redirect to a particular URL ?

php facebook-login

Facebook login is a popular way for web developer these days to capture user data and at the same time….... read more

Facebook : How to force facebook to scrape latest URL link data?

facebook object-debugger scrape-url

Problem :

When you try to put URL link on a Facebook input boxes and Facebook will automatically scrape a….... read more

Facebook : How to place save to Facebook button on your website

save-to-facebook uri fb-app

Just a quick tutorial on how to place the save to Facebook button on a web page. Instead of bookmarking….... read more