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Golang : Convert an image file to []byte

golang image convert byte

This is a quick tutorial on how to convert an image file to byte array. This question was originally posted….... read more

Golang : Convert []byte to image

golang image convert byte

There are times when you need to convert []byte to image for saving into file purpose. I encountered one of….... read more

Golang : Apply Histogram Equalization to color images

golang opencv histogram-equalization greyscale convert-image

For this tutorial, we will learn how to convert color images to greyscale and then apply Histogram Equalization as a….... read more

PHP : Convert(cast) string to bigInt

convert casting bigint string

Problem :

In PHP, you want to convert(cast) a string to become big integer value.

Solution :

Use GNU Multiple….... read more

Golang : Simple image viewer with Go-GTK

golang image-viewer gtk

This is a really simple command line image viewer program written in Golang. Instead of viewing images with Photoshop or….... read more

Golang : Generate thumbnails from images

golang image thumbnails

After learning how to resize images and crop images with Golang. We will learn how to….... read more

Golang : Resize Image

golang image resize

Somehow...just feel like writing a tutorial on how to resize image with Golang today while writing out references for Golang's….... read more

Golang : Grayscale Image

golang grayscale image

Another feature that I like about this Disintegration Imaging package is the ability to generate grayscaled image. The….... read more