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Consciousness for artificial intelligence? Insert brain with soul here.

artificial-integllience consciousness soul insert-brain

The field of artificial intelligence(A.I) is re-surging and gaining a lot of attention lately. Most of the big tech titans….... read more

Faster A.I with Microsoft's Brainwave

artificial-intelligence brainwave microsoft google technology

Alright, after Google announced the TPU(Tensor Processing Unit) to accelerates artificial intelligence systems (by accelerating neural network computations behind the….... read more

Motorcycle with artificial intelligence by Yamaha

technology artificial-intelligence motorcycle yamaha

Wouldn't life will be better for motorcycle enthusiasts if their motorcycles learn how to recognize the owner and adjust the….... read more

Preparing my self and my kids for the Age of Artificial Intelligence


It is 2019, Information Age is over and so is Internet Age. We are officially in the Age of Artificial….... read more

Recipe to achieve Singularity

technology artificial-intelligence singularity mayoshi-son

So you want to help to realize the Technology Singularity and you are wondering where should you start. Below are….... read more

Don't trade without guiding instruments and bot

crypto trading-bot artificial-intelligence scanner-bot

Piloting a plane is dangerous business. Today, flying has become safer because of advancement in technology. Pilots are able to….... read more

Book review - All My Friends Are Dead.

dead-friends robot artificial-intelligence book-review

Ok, so I decided to pop out from my office a.k.a my man cave to park my….... read more

Golang : Gargish-English language translator

golang ultima-6 gargish gargoyle artificial-language

Another just for fun example where I get to translate English text into Gargoyle's language - Gargish. I first got….... read more