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HTTP common errors and their meaning explained

http error seo bounce-rate ux

The most common error message a normal person surfing the web will encounter is error 404. However, for those in….... read more

Golang : How to get HTTP request header information?

golang json http-request-header user-agent

Alright, as a webmaster sometimes we want to know about our visitors and then alert us if there is any….... read more

Golang : HTTP Routing with Goji example

golang http mux web-route multiplex goji

Alright, this tutorial will show you how to do HTTP routing with Carl Jackson a.k.a zenazn's Goji package. Pretty simple….... read more

Golang : Handle API query by curl with Gorilla Queries example

golang http mux restful-api gorilla-queries

This is an add on for previous tutorial on how to use Gorilla mux example. One reader emailed….... read more

Golang : Covert map/slice/array to JSON or XML format

golang json xml http-response field-tags

Problem :

You have a data struct in map, slice or array format and you have to convert the data….... read more

Golang : Issue HTTP commands to server and port example

golang net-conn dialtcp http-command

Problem :

You want to issue or write HTTP command to a connection created by net.DialTCP() function. How to do….... read more

Golang : Web routing/multiplex example

golang http mux web-route multiplex gorilla

Routing based on the URL's path can be useful in some cases like build RESTful API server.

Problem :

You….... read more

Golang : Submit web forms without browser by http.PostForm example

golang submit-web-forms http-postform

Writing this tutorial on how to submit a web form without using a browser. We submit web forms almost every….... read more