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New version Age of Empires game from Microsoft

entertainment game microsoft age-of-empires

After over a decade of hiatus, Microsoft Studio's announced the latest version of the Age Of Empires game. In this….... read more

Looking forward to the new Ataribox

ataribox game-console classic-retro-games

Earlier this year, Atari confirmed its return to the gaming console market and revealed to the Atari fans that….... read more

Santalaia the modern day version of Babylon's Hanging Garden

technology green-architecture vertical-garden

The first time I know about a building covered with lush greenery is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Sid….... read more

Woz U for those looking to work in the tech industry

apple steve-wozniak education technology

"Woz U" is a new online education system launched by the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak and it is aimed….... read more

Recipe to achieve Singularity

technology artificial-intelligence singularity mayoshi-son

So you want to help to realize the Technology Singularity and you are wondering where should you start. Below are….... read more

Battery powered folding bicycle by Brompton

folding-bicycle brompton formula-one-technologylifestyle

What else to do with a folding bike that allows us to go around to discover life outside our house….... read more

Torch light made from single sheet of paper

technology design nendo torch-light paper

Occasionally, I have to work after the sun sets and there are times I have to walk back home through….... read more

We will call each other with our ring bone

technology cell-phone orii-smart-ring

So we have self-driving mobile market that comes to you and driverless cars becoming reality. What is else is….... read more