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Startup idea : Use 3D game technology to diagnose optical deficiencies

startup-idea 3d-game-technology optical-eye-deficiencies

According to several recent studies, between 6 and 12% of the world population are stereoblind. What exactly is stereo blindness?….... read more

BittBoy : Handheld retro game console

bittboy game-console retro-game

Feeling bored and want to fill up your time playing some retro games from the 90s and 80s? Check out….... read more

Time to remaster my skill for 'StarCraft: Remastered'

starcraft game blizzard alien

After watching this trailer of Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft:Remastered game. I'm itching to play one of my favourite computer games from….... read more

Play dinosaur jumping game in Android Chrome

game android google-chrome dinosaur

Accidentally found this game in Google Chrome while trying to kill my time during a train ride to the KL….... read more

Is Singapore's Smart Nation similar to Wall-E's Axiom?

singapore axiom futuristic technology

Here is my attempt to summarize or decipher Singapore's Smart Nation initiative. Kinda like TL;DR version of .... read more

I.D.Buzz the new Volkswagen retro electric microbus

technologyvolkswagen micro-bus

I must admit that I do like the retro concept of the famous Volkswagen microbus from the 1960s made….... read more

When to retire from programming and what to do next?

programming retire technology

This question has been lingering in my mind for a long time now and yesterday a fellow developer friend popped….... read more

Motorcycle with artificial intelligence by Yamaha

technology artificial-intelligence motorcycle yamaha

Wouldn't life will be better for motorcycle enthusiasts if their motorcycles learn how to recognize the owner and adjust the….... read more