Why fart and waste it, when you can burp and taste it.

Shortly after I posted this interview, I received a rather unpleasant* email demanding why I'm doing these interviews and the person wanted to know what is my ulterior motive of doing so.

Normally, I won't be bothered to reply to this kind of demand, but because I know this person in real life and don't want to waste an opportunity to explain it here.

Why fart and waste it, when you can burp and taste it.

don't waste fart!

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Since I don't have one to start with, I will have to make up an "ulterior" motive. To add in some bonuses, I will make up "exterior" and "interior" motives as well.

1. Ulterior motive

My ulterior motive is to let the world know or at least those that visit my website to know about the faces or humans that are doing programming work from different parts of the world. I'm sick and tired of reading news about who raise how much $$ from VCs, exit with how much $$ and how many employees got layoff after the tech startups got shut down, run out of money, etc. The interviews are for me to highlight the people behind the scene that make it possible for the company/startup to make revenue or raise $$, exit with how much $$ and sometimes sadly, got layoff after the company/startup gone belly up.

2. Interior motive

My interior motive is to give my brain a break away from writing programming tutorials. The tutorials that I've written here were meant as a record for myself as I learn new programming languages or product features. Sometimes my mind will start to wonder around and doing these interviews sort of enable my mind to relax a bit and refocus back on my writing. To see negatively, yes... I outsourced the thinking part to the interviewees. Stealing their brains' CPU cycles. However, it is kinda spiritually uplifting to highlight someone's passion, struggle, frustration, success and document it for visitors to read.

3. Exterior motive

My exterior motive is to package the "burpings" - interviews/tutorials/whatever - in a nice to view and responsive website for readers from worldwide to read.


It is a fact that I can't please everyone that comes to this website. If the religious prophets couldn't convert everyone to their religion...how could I do it then?

One thing for sure that you can expect from me.... that will be no appeasement. I would recommend that you unfollow or unfriend me in social media to avoid reading material from this website.

If you don't want to encounter this website in search engine. Read this tutorial on how to block my website from the search result.

*to protect the guilty. I will not mention the person name or reveal his/her identity.

By AdamNg

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