We will call each other with our ring bone

So we have self-driving mobile market that comes to you and driverless cars becoming reality. What is else is there to innovate? How about the ability to call each other just by touching our ear bone with our finger?

Origami Labs - a Hong Kong tech company came up with an innovation that allows you to call someone by using bone conduction technology. It's ORII Smart Ring wearable tech uses bone conduction to transmit sound directly to the ear through the finger. In this way, your phone conversation will be more clear and private in public spaces. Not to mention that with the ORII Smart Ring, you no longer need to carry the bulky and fragile screen on your phone ever again. The "ring-phone" comes with a battery that has 1.5 hour talk time and 45 hours on stand by mode.

For more information, check out Origami Labs' official Kickstarter page and who knows that with its sleek design and Gary Vaynerchuk's endorsement, maybe you will be a backer too.

Preview image credit: kickstarter.com

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By Wilson Lee

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