Visual feast : Ace & Tate optical store in Copenhagen, Denmark

Getting a pair of glasses should be an enjoyable experience and a good optical shop knows how to create a visually pleasing store to attract customers. As for customers, a well-designed product display shelves and store represent the optical company commitment to quality.

Ace & Tate Copenhangen, Denmark store

Ace & Tate is a chain of optical stores from Netherlands and recently engaged Spacon & X to design the interior for Ace & Tate's new glasses store in Copenhagen, Denmark to create an "energetic and playful aesthetic" atmosphere. They wanted to create a feeling of "walking into an artist's studio" rather than "walking into traditional optical store" for their customers.

Ace & Tate Interior

Ace & Tate eye checkup room

To create an authentic artist studio feeling, Ace & Tate allowed artists to use the empty space as exhibition hall for their arts. No wonder, this adds to the store atmosphere as an artist's studio.

Ace & Tate exhibition hall

Source: dezeen

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By Jennifer Loh

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