Usage logging for your shoe? Check out Sole Mate Shoe Wear Pattern Tracking App

As a software developer, system administrator and regular runner. I rely on logs generated by the software services to see if the services are running fine and dandy. Some times the logs will trigger alarms to warn me about potential failure in future unless I take immediate action to rectify the problem.

However, as a runner... there's no way I get to see if my shoes are doing fine or it is time to get a new pair of shoe.... until this Sole Mate Shoe Wear Pattern Tracking App appear on iTunes store.

Sure, there are alternatives to this app... but what I really like about this app is that it allows you to log your shoes usage patterns by prompting you to take pictures of the backs and soles of your shoes. The app will automagically organized the pictures with time stamp and allow you to view the pictures in chronological order to see how to you abuse(wear pattern) your shoes. If your shoe can't take it anymore, it will warn you to retire it.

See what I mean:

sole mate app screen shots

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Download the app and see how it goes with your shoes. Maybe it will help to prolong the shoes' lifespan. Do check out the app developer website at as well.

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