Try IKEA furniture at your home with augmented reality app before buying

One of the things that I feared the most when moving to a new place is ending up buying the wrong furniture. Many times I've experienced feeling good while viewing the furniture in the store, but ended up regretting when the new furniture finally arrive at home and it is not the right fit. Can technology help to minimize these "regrettable episodes" in our lives?

IKEA recently launched an app using augmented reality technology(ARKit) engineered by Apple. Instead of physically moving a furniture to see how it fits in the spaces in our dwellings, we can now employ augmented reality technology to help us 'preview' how the new furniture will look in a room. All the users need to do is point the iPad's or iPhone's camera in the direction they want the furniture to fill and the app will place a virtual, but properly scaled and aligned furniture into the user's view.

My verdict? This app definitely revolutionized the way we want to design our home and helps the users to make the right furniture purchase.

Hopefully, one day some dating startups will revolutionize how our future boyfriend or girlfriend will turn out with similar augmented reality app.

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By Wilson Lee

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