Startup idea : Use 3D game technology to diagnose optical deficiencies

According to several recent studies, between 6 and 12% of the world population are stereoblind. What exactly is stereo blindness? If a person has stereo blindness, that person will have difficulty or inability to see in 3D. Most of the time, we won't know that we have stereo blindness until after we have our eyes diagnosed by a specialist.

smartphone app

Sadman Sakib

Instead of visiting the optician, how about bringing this eyes diagnostic system back home and place it on the user's finger tips?

Use 3D game technology and embed them into smartphone app or smart TV app. Create a series of self-diagnostic tests and make the tests easily accessible to anyone that suspected they have optical deficiencies.

If the user found that he/she has optical deficiencies, make recommendations on available treatment or sell them glasses with special technology to "restore" their sights such as with the augmented reality glasses.

augmented reality glasses for stereo blindness

Eddie Kopp

Preview image credit: Larm Rmah


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By Adam Ng

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