Startup Idea : Online property management system

High rise building such as apartments, condominiums or any multi-tenant properties such as shopping malls usually have building management teams that are responsible for maintaining the premises and to be financially viable, the management teams are empowered to collect fees from the properties owners.

paying property management fees

Image credit: Jeremy Paige

The traditional way for building managements to collect the maintenance fees is by mailing out the paper bills and wait for the owner to mail in the checks or deposit the money into the managements' bank accounts. Trouble is sometimes the owners are not in town, unreachable and not aware of some important event that will affect their properties.

How about creating a web application that will:

  • Allow paperless billing to owners.
  • Allow tenants to raise issues and have status tracking system.
  • Allow owners to view billing history and pay online.
  • Allow tenants to book facilities online and pay online.
  • Allow property developers to advertise new projects whenever tenants or owners view the web application.
  • Allow tenants to share stories or owners to share stories on forums inside the web application.
  • Allow service providers to advertise their services to the tenants and owners.

Think about this startup idea and if your passion is there. Work on it! Good luck!

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By Adam Ng

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