Retirement plan? Cultivate habit to make money, keep the money and grow it

It has been a while since I've written any article for the blogs section. So, I got asked a simple but not really easy to answer question yesterday. The question is:

Hey Adam! What's your plan for retirement?

Honestly, I don't really plan to retire. I'm following my father foot steps, which is to keep working. For most males, working is one way to keep the word retirement away.

To be frank

retirement = waiting to die

Rather than working as you know...having a full time job...I plan to cultivate a habit instead. A habit that I can do at any age ... well into 100s.

Don't plan for retirement, cultivate habits instead...

One particular habit that I've in mind:

Make money, keep the money and grow the money

make money

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In another word, investing.

Yes, investing is a habit. Where you will make money, keep the money(if you're lucky) and grow the money.

grow money

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Keep working as investor. It is one of few ways that I know that will keep myself active and hopefully, well in old age.

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By AdamNg

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