Quicker ways to access OS X System Preferences

There are many options available in the System Preferences that allows customisation of your OS X. However, there are times when you just want to tweak your OS X but ended up spending too much time to find the correct option. Here are couple of tips that you can use to find the right options in System Preferences.

OS X System Preferences Dialog box

1. Right click on the System Preferences icon on dock.

Quickiest way to access the options under System Preferences is to right click on the icon itself from the dock. The options are sorted alphbetically, making it easier and faster to get to the option.

right click on System Preferences from Dock

2. Search by key words.

Yup, just like searching with a search engine. For example, you wanted to know how to calibrate the display light brightness. Just enter the word “light” and click on the highlighted Display icon. The click on Color tab and click Calibrate... button.

search System Preferences

3. Clean up the System Preferences options by removing unused options.

Don't want to see the options that you hardly ever use in System Preferences? Click on “View”, then follow by “Customize” and untick the boxes next to the options to hide them from your view.

hide unused options in System Preferences

Cleaning up the System Preferences gives you a cleaner ( by reducing distraction) and easier to find interface.

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