Moby Mart - self driving 24 x 7 super market

While many tech startups are looking to create a driverless car, one Swedish startup took a couple of steps further by creating the Moby Mart. The self-powered, self-driven grocery store that is being beta-tested in Shanghai, China that aimed at disrupting the way people shop.

The Swedish startup - Wheelys collaborated with retail company Himalafy and Hefei University to come with this innovation that runs on solar power, controlled by semi artificial-intelligence holographic cashiers and store clerks to help you as you shop. All you need to interact with the Moby Mart is an app on your mobile phone.

Two features that make it a cool innovation. First, it is equipped with delivery drones that will carry the items that you've ordered to your high rise apartment and secondly, it also purifies the air around it.

moby mart blue print

This also looks like an attempt to blur the line between online and offline shopping even further.

Oh well, this is definitely not a science fiction as The Moby Mart is currently being beta tested in Shanghai. Hope to see that will be a success and become available worldwide.

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By Jennifer Loh

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