Make your boxes smaller to think or jump out

A problem is like a box. The bigger the box, the harder to think out of it. In life, there are many times we will hit an imaginary "wall" and these walls are actually the boundary of our own "boxes".

hitting an imaginary wall of your own box

Priscilla Du Preez

When you think too far into the future, such as when you're going to have a house or family of your own. The boundary of the box is big and far from you. It is harder to jump out of the box. You can think that this is similar to a problem too. If the problem's "wall" or "fence" is beyond you... it is harder to think out of it or jump out of it.

When you are hungry and ordering pizza is just a phone call or clicks away. The boundary of your hunger problem(box) is not big and near to you. So, it is easier to think or jump out of your hunger "box".

So how to tackle a big problem you're facing? Always think that a problem is like a box. Try to divide the big box into smaller boxes. Pretty much like programming, attack or solve the problem by making some functions to handle parts of the problem. Whenever you solved a problem by thinking/jumping out of the problem(box), keep the experiences.

One day, when you're old and look back into your younger days, you will see how many problems that you managed to conquer, putting them into "boxes" that you'd jumped out.

boxes of problems that you conquered

Clem Onojeghuo

Now, what are the functions I'm talking about? In real-life, a function can be a real human being, a machine or an organization.

For examples:

  • Hire someone to help you and handle some of your workloads.

  • Buy a machine to clean your clothes.

  • Join an organization such as yoga dance group, people with the similar hobby or some support group.

By the way, when someone tells you to think out of the box, but without offering any kind of help or pointers. Do they know if the box is bigger or smaller than you? If not, then most likely that person is an ignorant. Avoid the person.

NOTE : Epilepsy seizure warning.

Whatever it is, as long you're not dead. It is not game over yet. Problems exist to keep boringness away.

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Raphael Koh

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By Adam Ng

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