Kenaf seeds sprout

Earlier I brought back some Kenaf seeds from the Kenaf farm near the border of Malaysia and Thailand. However, the seeds failed to sprout and that was my second attempt trying to grow kenaf from the seeds.

Could it be that the Kenaf seeds have defined germination period? Did I use "outdated" or "expired" seeds previously? From the look of the seed pods... the color is darker and not the coffee colored seed pods.

Trying again for the third time, this time I used the slightly matured by still attached to the tree seeds. The color is kinda like coffee brown and as usual, I removed the dry skin of the pods to get to the seeds. Beware of the fine hairs while removing the seeds... you don't want to get them in your eyes!

This time, bingo! The seeds sprouted after 2 days!

kenaf sprouts

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By AdamNg

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