Keep the children busy and train the A.I behind Google Autodraw simultenously

Anyway, my son likes to "disturb" me while I'm working and he is getting bored of his Lego toy. I need something to get his boredom over and at the same time introduce him to drawing as a hobby.

Aikes! I don't have color pencils in my office. Nevermind, Google Creative Lab has an A.I drawing tool for the rest of us - Autodraw. You know, for people like me that can't really draw well... but still want to draw something.

Here is a sample of my own drawing.

autodraw example

Autodraw is a free web application that allows anyone to draw easily. No need to install any app. Just point your browser to and start drawing. My son loves it!

Autodraw is powered by the same machine learning technology use by Quick Draw to guess what your doodle might be. This is how Google outsourced the artificial intelligence training by making the application interesting. No need to spend money to hire laborers across the world with Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Heck, they even use the technology for hiring purpose at


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By AdamNg

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