Is my marketing working? Get the answer with Google Attribution

First, let's understand the term "last-click paradigm" or "last-click attribution". Last-Click paradigm refers to a web analytics model in which the “last click” is acknowledged for being responsible for a sale or conversion.

In other words, if someone comes to your website and orders some items, your web analytics tool should be able to tell you where that customer came from. Did they come from an advertisement they saw while walking, or from a search engine or did they find you from your Facebook post?

The trouble with last-click attribution analytics models is that they don't sufficiently explain a customer behavior. Hence, the most common question asked by marketers are - "Is my marketing working?"

Recently, Google announced a new beta for Google Attribution, a free tool for examining the role that different marketing strategy play in customer purchasing decisions. Regardless of device or marketing channel, Google wants Attribution to be a home for evaluating marketing campaigns. By creating a tight loop between strategy, ad spends and feedback, Google aims to help you understand how all of your marketing efforts work together and deliver the insights you need to make them work better.

Here is a diagram on how Google Attribution works and its machine learning mechanism will evaluate the data and provide you with actionable insights.

Google Attribution work flow

Your job as a marketer is to understand the insights and take action to optimize your marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, Google Attribution aims to be the best crystal ball(forecasting tool) for the marketing departments.

Ok, so why use Google Attribution and not tools from companies like Adobe and startups like BrightFunnel and Bizible.

Well, according to this Google Adwords Blog post

Only Google has the advanced machine learning and mapping technology to help you accurately measure store visits at scale and use these insights to deliver better local ad experiences.

and hey... it is free too.

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