Improving my financial vocabulary with Windows 10 Money

For some odd reason, I decided that I should not use my Mac today for the fear of getting the kick of writing codes. So, I decided to switch on my AMD powered Windows 10 box today to continue my journey of transforming myself from a software developer to investor.

Since I haven't touch the Windows 10 box for 4-5 months now, maybe I will just poke around to see what is interesting in it. To my surprise, I discovered a wonderful application that will help me to improve my financial vocabulary. The Windows 10 application name is call - Money (not be confused with Microsoft Money Plus - see )

The Money application is pre-installed with Windows 10 and couple of things that I like about it are:

1. Markets movement and news on a dashboard

Windows 10 Money application dashboard

2. Market summary and build a watchlist of your portfolio

market summary and movements

3. Major markets indexes - world map view

Money application display major markets indexes information on world map

When I was trying to improve my programming skills... I read a lot of programming articles and codes written by other developers. I guess the process is the same if I want to improve my financial education and vocabulary.... read more financial news and personal finance tips. Just need to cultivate new habits to replace the old.

The Money application in Windows 10 just make it easier for me as the information that I want are sorted and organized in it. So far, this is one of the best thing that I found in Windows 10.

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By AdamNg

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