Imagine the powerful leaders as refugees

Can you imagine how the powerful leaders would look like if they ended up as refugees? A Syrian artist - Abdalla Al Omari - arts portrays the images of how the powerful politicians would look like if they were the ones going through difficulties caused by politicians and ended up as refugees.

Abdalla Al Omari

He launched "The Vulnerability Series" to show his idea and personal desire to see them in the shoes of refugees. For the vulnerable people to see them in their vulnerable state because they always look so perfect, so divine on the media.

politicians as refugees

Omari's work has garnered a lot of online attention and one video produced by AJ+ got over million of views.

Making World Leaders Vulnerable

Ever wondered what President Trump would look like as a refugee?

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, May 26, 2017

Head over to to learn more about Abdalla Al Omari.

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