Hidden power or energy of Kenaf tree. Will it improve longevity or enhance aura energy?

About 12 years ago, my eldest brother was interested in fish farming and he wanted to learn how to do integrated farming. Where the waste from fish ponds will be used as fertilizers for vegetables and duckweed. In turn, the duckweed will be processed into feed for the fishes. i.e recycle the waste into feed and thus saving a huge amount of money on purchasing commercial feed pellets.

I happened to follow my brother on one of his research field trips to an organic farm located in Subang New Village(Selangor, Malaysia). If not the mistaken and if my memory is correct, the owner name is Mr. Tan or somewhere along that name.

When we meet up with him, we saw that he had a colostomy bag attached to his stomach. Not aware of what the bag is for, we politely asked him about it. He explained to us that he is a colon cancer survival, how the bag helps in expelling bodily waste and the reason why he is 100% into organic food. He also carried a bunch of small sticks tied with rubber bands in his pockets. We also noticed that his farm hands(farm workers) also carry the small sticks in their pockets and this piqued our interest about the small dried sticks.

NOTES: Knowing now how cancer treatment can do to a person's appearance, Mr. Tan certainly did not look like a haggard but rather lively and energetic.

a kenaf stem

A Kenaf stem

Mr. Tan explained to us that the sticks are dried Kenaf stems and they carried the sticks around whenever possible. He even put the dried stems under his bed to help him sleep better at night. He then proceed to do some simple experiment on us. He asked me to form a circle with my thumb and index finger(with the stronger arm - mine is right arm), using my best strength to maintain the circle and resist him from opening up the circle. He will then put both of his index fingers into the circle and will try to open up the circle with all his strength.

index and thumb fingers circle

A circle formed by index and thumb fingers

We did the simple experiment couple of times and he managed to break up the circle. What happen next amazed or I would say - breached my curiosity peak.

Hope you are not thinking dirty here? Are you? Hehe.

Anyway, Mr. Tan gave me a stick to hold on my left arm and this time he couldn't break the circle. I felt at ease and don't have to use much strength to resist. My elder brother tried to break the circle as well and couldn't.

Afterward, me and my brother repeated the same experiment again with each other and left both of us puzzled. So what is the power, energy or property hidden inside the simple looking dried Kenaf stem? As a skeptic, I thought Mr. Tan is playing some sort of mind tricks or left-right brain manipulation with us. However, this time we repeated the experiment with the stick inside our pockets instead of hands. We also attempted the experiment with a broomstick instead but the circle can be broken easily. Again ... we were left perplexed by the result of the experiment.

Mr. Tan enhanced the experiment by proving to us that the energy, power, etc is "transferrable" via human bodies like electricity. With one of his workers helping us, we repeated the experiment again, but this time WITHOUT holding or touching the sticks. His worker will hold a stick on one hand and put another hand on our shoulders or just simply shake hand with us. Again we felt at ease at resisting the attempt to open up the circle formed by our thumbs and index fingers.

At the farm, there are 2 Bodhi trees. We repeated the similar experiment again but this time instead using fingers, one will lift both arms skyward and another person will attempt to push the arms downward. If we stand under the Bodhi tree, the similar effect will take place again. I don't really have to use a lot of my strength to resist the attempts of my brother to push down my both arms. However, according to Mr. Tan. Only one of the Bodhi trees emits the energy. He couldn't explain why the other Bodhi cannot give the "energy" or power effect to our bodies. Perhaps the other Bodhi tree is of different species? Seems that Kenaf trees are consistence in giving out this "energy" than Bodhi trees.

Now, we know why those sages that meditate under the Bodhi trees have the "special" feeling.

Before we left his farm, Mr. Tan gave us couple of sticks and I picked up some Kenaf seeds from the dried flower pods. He also told us that the Japanese already aware of this hidden energy inside Kenaf and there is publication written in Japanese language mentioning Kenaf and its ability to enhance one person aura(see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aura_(paranormal) )

I tried planting the seeds but they failed to sprout.

And so life goes on and we all went about doing our own things that kept us all busy... I sort of misplaced the sticks, remaining seeds and forgotten about this Kenaf tree until late 2014.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer and have to wear the colostomy bag. The cancer treatment turned him from a strong, healthy looking man into a haggard in a matter of couple of weeks. This triggered a memory flash back in my brain about Mr. Tan, the Kenaf tree "special" power and this time I was determine to get hold of the Kenaf trees and grow them. Unfortunately, my elder brother lost Mr. Tan contact detail as well and search on the Internet was futile.

Fortunately, a quick search on the Internet led me to www.kenafmalaysia.com website and after a phone call, I managed to setup an appointment with Mr. Paul Cheng to visit a Kenaf farm located in Kedah (northern state of Malaysia bordering Thailand). Below are some of the photos from my recent visit to his premises.

kenaf farms

Kenaf trees

flower blooms and fresh seed pods

Kenaf flower blooms and unripe seed pods

size of a mature kenaf tree

My dad and Mr. Paul Cheng with a mature Kenaf tree length

After acquiring the Kenaf trees, I repeated the same experiment with Mr. Paul and my father this time. The result is consistence. According to Mr. Paul, he read about the Japanese article on Kenaf and the "aura-aura" thing as well. So, this confirmed the previous story Mr. Tan told me 12 years ago.

I asked a friend who is well versed with Japanese for help in finding out the publication that mention the aura enhancement with Kenaf. He couldn't find any documentation on Internet at this moment. Perhaps the article was written pre-Internet and that's why it not available on Internet?

My friend's sister heard about our conversation and she showed me this piece of shirt from Japan.

kenaf sticker

Kenaf label in Japanese

kenaf shirt 1

Made in Japan Kenaf shirt

kenaf shirt 2

Made in Japan Kenaf shirt

From the shirt, now I know the Japanese name for Kenaf. The shirt label is kinda like "Rosetta" stone. :-)

Maybe I should refine the search in Japanese words 洋麻 or Chinese words 红麻 to get better search result.

A quick search on the Internet reveals that the Japanese are into Kenaf big time. From Matsuhita manufacturing wall panel and floor tiles made from Kenaf to Panasonic growing Kenaf for fibers to manufacture varieties of goods. Is the usage of Kenaf by Japanese influenced by the "aura-aura" article or purely because of the Kenaf fiber commercial value? I suspected that the Japanese know more about Kenaf long ago that only we come to be aware of recently.

From being a skeptic initially, I am now convinced that there are beneficial yet hidden energy fields emitting from the Kenaf and Bodhi trees that we are not able to see but only touched by energy fields or "aura-aura" thing on close approximation. I recalled now that Mr. Tan told me that there are 4 types of trees that emit this type of energy. He found two of them - Kenaf and Bodhi - and still looking for the other 2.

So why this article appear on a website that is dedicated to programming languages and not some agriculture or medical websites? Errmmm... when a person reach certain age, start to have kids and seeing some of peers suffering from failing health - such as A.D.E.M, strokes and cancer. It will make you think hard about maintaining health and longevity so that you get to see your grandchildren one day. It will make you want to read more into health issue and do something about your own health.

From now on, I plan to reduce meat intake, zero trans-fat diet, zero sugar intake if possible, regular exercise, spend more time meditating and carry some bunches of dried Kenaf stems.

This article here is for me to share my knowledge and it is up to you to choose what you want to believe or not to believe. Do test it out yourself if you can get hold of Kenaf tree. Hope that by sharing my knowledge here can be beneficial to you too. Leave your comments below if you have questions. I'm not an expert in Kenaf, but I will try my best to answer.

UPDATE: Stumble upon a company that sell products that exhibit similar properties. Phiten sold products that will give you the similar experience as well but in a nicely package ways. Unlike Kenaf, some of their products will only give you a localise boost instead of whole body. Which means that if you wear it on your left wrist... it will only give you extra strength on your left wrist ... good for smashing in tennis or badminton. Their value proposition is mainly targeted at sportsmen. Check out http://www.phitenusa.com/history to read more about their company origin in Japan.

UPDATE: Mr Alan pointed out on Facebook that the Mr. Tan is actually Mr. FK Yap. He passed away in 2015.


  1. I've lost contact with Mr. Tan so I don't know where to find him.
  2. If you want to get Kenaf stem, trees, seeds or fibers, please contact Mr. Paul Cheng of www.kenafmalaysia.com
  3. I gave couple of the dried Kenaf stems to my father-in-law who is recovering now after surgery to remove part of his colon. Will see how it goes. Did the same experiment on him and he is perplexed by the Kenaf stem.
  4. Some speculated that the ancient Egyptians are aware of this and recorded down the knowledge on Kenaf usage. However, it was lost when the Romans burned down the great library of Alexandria. Not sure if this is a myth or truth. Chances are high that I will never find out.
  5. I came across a "Scalar or Quantum Energy Pendant" that was marketed through Multi-Level-Marketing scheme that displayed similar property as the Kenaf trees. It claimed to be created with special volcanic lava and emits special energy that will help to cleanse the body. However, since I'm not comfortable with price tag of the pendant and becoming a downline for the seller, I passed the offer. Preferring something that I can grow naturally - such as a Kenaf or Bodhi tree.
  6. Special thanks to Mr. Paul Cheng of kenafmalaysia.com for helping me in getting Kenaf trees and seeds.

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