Hello arrogant developers. Coding is not everything

Ok, I went to a couple of dev meetings and usually what I found out that there bound to be one or two really arrogant or self-obsess developers that will jump instantly to put anyone down by shaming their victim publicly. Arrogant developers... usually... they are obvious. Look unkempt, smells pungent from distance.

It is ok to point out a technical error if newbies said it out, but there's no need to do it in a harsh way. Politely and gentle way is acceptable, just not instant pounding that you're right and the rest is plain wrong.

Just because you spent more time in front of your computer coding doesn't entitle you to be so full of yourself that you just don't care.


You can be a self-appointed Mr. Know-It-All today, but do remember, that especially in tech. Coding can be a rewarding career and you spend a great deal of your youth mastering it, but software constantly changes. Just because you're so good today, does not mean you will be good or able to catch up with the latest programming languages tomorrow.

Still feeling brash and sassy? It has only one result. Making people or co-workers boycott you and will keep a distance from you. No matter how great of a developer you are, you aren’t going to to be nearly as successful if you are difficult to be around.

Yup, arrogant developer. No wonder you're all alone, no friends, no wife, no children ... all alone.

F**k off Mr. Know-It-All.

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By AdamNg

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