Google Maps alternatives

Found these three mapping services that are developers friendly while helping out a friend who is looking for Google Maps alternative to develop his application. Jotting down these alternatives to Google Maps for future reference and if you know other map services providers that are not listed here, please let us know in the comment box.

Google Maps Alternative

Google Maps is popular among web and mobile app developers, but there are always alternatives out there such as :


Mapbox home page

One of the best alternative to Google Maps is Mapbox. Build from day one targeted at developers looking to squeeze out more from map. It has an arsenal of libraries and features that allow developers to create stylish maps with custom geo-data to create pretty complex map styles with Less(a CSS pre-processor). One tool that stands out is the MapBox Studio Classic which enable developer to create custom maps and datasets powered by vector tiles. A powerful tool that you should check out at

2. Bing Maps

bing maps developer center

A competing product from Microsoft. Pretty similar to Google Maps with the same offering, except that Bing Maps tilt toward Microsoft Windows Platform. If you are developing on Windows .NET platform or use C#, VB or other Microsoft programming language, I guess there will be some advantage to use Bing Maps API. Nevertheless, Microsoft also provide support to non-Windows or non-Microsoft programming languages via AJAX and REST-based API. ( see )

3. maps maps combines high-definition technology with cloud technology to make maps for a better life. No kidding, the people behind are experts in mapping technology and they have invested a lot of money and time to make sure the data qualities are top notch. Their main focus is in the consumer, automative and enterprise sector. If you are looking develop your application to leverage on mapping technology. Check out their APIs at

4. Summary

Google Maps is a popular mapping service available for developers and you can see it on almost every websites on there, but it doesn't mean that good alternatives do not exist. There are always plenty of choices to existing Google product. You just have to explore more to find out :-)

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