Fix Mac OS X Applications Quits Unexpectedly

A friend was having frequent application crashes on his Mac OS X - Yosemite recently. Not sure what is causing the "Mac OS X Applications Quits Unexpectedly" at first.

Mac OS X Application quits unexpectedly

First noticing the crashes happen when launching iTunes, then Chrome and Skype. Clicking on the Reopen button doesn't help.

Tried out the solutions from help. Suspect it could something else. Maybe lacking of memory by running too many applications at the same time or some adware applications running at the background.

Run EtreCheck application and found the problem. There were couple of adware programs running at the background. Killed the adware processes via terminal and use Disk Utility to repair disk permission after removing them.

EtreCheck checking software running on Mac OS X

No more "Mac OS X Applications Quits Unexpectedly". :-)


Need to be more careful from now on when trying out Mac applications wrapped in .rar file format from non-trusted sources.

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By AdamNg

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